Saturday, November 30, 2019

Canela: S/T (Advance CD) (Dreamworks, 2001) (Original post from 9/27/15)

Another 'shelved' album, this time from Jennifer Lopez' former backing singer Canela Cox. Discovered by Rodney Jerkins while performing at one of Lopez' concerts, Cox was brought to the attention of Dreamworks Records and immediately signed to the label in 2001. After the failure of her first two singles, Sponsor (I Need I Need) and the Jerkins-produced Everything, Cox' debut album was pushed back until it fell victim to re-shuffling upon Universal Records acquisition of Dreamworks in 2001. It's a shame as it is as good, if not better, than the stuff her former colleague Lopez was putting out at the time. Mainly a mixture of uptempo urban-pop numbers in the style of My Love Don't Cost A Thing and soft, melodic Janet Jackson type balladeering, it is a solid first effort. Mostly produced by Jerkins and his brother Freddie who mostly stick to their usual formula aside from on the futuristic, fast-slow Outta Here which sounds like it was inspired in part by Janet's What About from her Velvet Rope CD.

Featuring DJ Clue & Duro on the remix. This would begin their five year stretch of contributing top quality remixes to every popular song out at the time. 

Everything 4:13
Sponsor (I Need I Need I Need) 2:45
Love,Lust,Crime 4:39
Friend Of Mine 4:25
I Can't Let Go 4:47
Outta Here 5:47
Play Your Games 3:31
It Feels Just Right 4:39
One Day 4:33
Trust Me 4:17
Sponsor (I Need I Need I Need) Remix featuring Fabolous* 4:27