Monday, January 8, 2018

Sugah J. Philips: Stay...(Jacob Records, 1997)

More obscure indie R&B from Ontario, Canada with Sugah J. Philips who originally started out in 1996 signed to a label with Canadian MC Phatt Al. Cast off The Voice because he was deemed “too soulful”, he is now known by his real name Shane Philips and has since turned his hand to a more traditional-sounding and conscious soul sound. His fifth album “Social Justice and Peace” was released in 2014. 
I Go Crazy    4:25    
You & I    5:01    
The Tears    4:55    
Casual    3:24    
Fungk Da Day    3:38    
Stay    5:23    
Keep It Casual (Remix)    3:20    
Don't Go Tellin    5:54    
Eye On The Prize    4:51    
Love Can Make You Cry    3:34