Friday, December 5, 2014

Shades: Tell Me Your Name (Remixes) (Promo VLS) (Motown, 1996)

Super-rare mixes of Boston R&B quartet Shades' debut single Tell Me (I'll Be Around) by The Characters and DJ Clark Kent and exclusive to promo vinyl only (and if you don't own a record player, CD as well if you've got $250 to spare.) The group were active in the mid 90s and released two singles and one album together before they were lost in the hype of other artists at the time. The vinyl usually goes for about $50 by itself but I fortunately found mine for about the price of a new standard mp3 album on Amazon. The original song sampled Bernard Wright's 1985 song Who Do You Love? but these remix versions sample Brick's 1970s song Fun and Hey DJ by World's Famous Supreme Team (also used by a certain bigger star at the time...) The Characters remix features an appearance by rapper Akinyele and also uses interpolations from his own song Put It In Your Mouth (which as it happens also used the same Brick sample.) The Characters remix later appeared as a b-side to a follow-up single Serenade (which in my opinion is just as rare) but the Clark Kent version can only be found here...

A1 Character Remix Edit
A2 Clark Kent Version
A3 Characters Remix Edit (No Rap)
B1 Character Remix Radio Fade
B2 Characters Instrumental
B3 Clark Kent Instrumental