Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sa-Deuce: Body Knockin' (Digipak CDM) (EastWest, 1995)

1995 single from mid 90s R&B duo Sa-Deuce and the second of of only two singles to be taken from their one and only album on EastWest Records. The duo were produced by the same team behind Adina Howard and unfortunately were not a success. This CD features the remix version with male R&B quartet H-Town, the LP track Don't Take Your Love Away and some previously unreleased remixes of their previous song Don't Waste My Time. Rare golden-age stuff, long before the rubbish auto-tuned trash and monotonous neo-soul that masquerades as R&B these days. 

Body Knockin' (H-Town Extended Remix) 5:07
Body Knockin' (H-Town Alternate Remix) 5:07
Body Knockin' (H-Town Remix Acappella) 4:58
Don't Take Your Love Away (LP Version) 3:44
Body Knockin' (LP Version) 4:51
Body Knockin' (No Drums) 4:50
Don't Waste My Time (New Radio Remix) 4:03
Don't Waste My Time (Ballad Remix) 4:05