Thursday, November 13, 2014

Allure: All Cried Out (The Remixes) (CDM) (Crave, 1997)

Second single from Carey's short-lived girl group Allure and their biggest hit to date. As with Head Over Heals it had her personal touch all over it and was co-produced with Walter Afanasieff, the man behind some of her most schmaltzy ballads during the 90s.The original version featured band 112 but the remixed version(s) on this CD do not. Also includes a previously unreleased Trackmasters production Everytime I Think Of You. Very old-skool sounding, it also served as a bonus track on the Japanese release of their album...

1. Dance Remix
2. Extended Club Remix
3. Dub Remix
4. A Cappella Remix
5. Everytime I Think Of You