Friday, November 14, 2014

Allure: All Cried Out (JP CDM) (Crave/Sony Records, 1997)

Blige and Carey come together for a final last time on the remix to Allure's debut single Head Over Heals, which is featured here along with a previously unreleased track Take Me Away. Though Carey's mark was way more noticeable on the original more poppy version, it is the remix version featured here and written and arranged by Mary J. Blige that, in my opinion, is far, far superior. Featuring alternate lyrics and production, it combines Carey's style of singing with Blige's smooth harmonies to the maximum. The previously unreleased track Take Me Away is also very smooth and can only be found here. As with most of the group's debut album, both were produced by Poke & Tone of the Trackmasters...

1. All Cried Out (featuring 112)
2. All Cried Out (featuring 112) (Dub Final)
3. No Question (featuring LL Cool J)
4. Take Me Away
5. Head Over Heels (Remix featuring Tone and AZ)