Saturday, October 4, 2014

Total: Smile (Promo VLS) (Bad Boy Entertainment, 2001)

Rare bootleg 12" dressed as an official Bad Boy promo and featuring urban mixes of Total's 1998 song "I Don't Wanna Smile" (stylized here as "Smile") and 112's song "Your Letter." Each side of the record includes an uncredited hip hop remix, a hip hop instrumental and a mellow R&B mix. I don't know for absolute certain that it is unofficial but the labels and catalog# do not match any known Bad Boy releases. Rare old skool stuff nevertheless.

A1 Hip Hop 200 Mix
A2 Instrumenal
A3 Midnight Mix
"Your Letter"
B1 Hip Hop 2000 Mix
B2 Instrumental
B3 Midnight Mix