Thursday, October 2, 2014

Total: Sittin' Home (CDM) (Bad Boy Entertainment, 1999)

CD Maxi-Single of Total's 1999 song Sittin' Home featuring the main remix with Shyne and an added bonus of Trippin' (Remix) featuring DMX. The remix to Sittin' Home (restyled as Sittin' Home (Waiting For You) loosely samples the guitar riff from Michigan & Smiley's 1981 song Diseases. Trippin' (Remix) samples LL Cool J's 4,3,2,1 and features a newly sung vocal arrangement. Not as sexy as the original but classic Bad Boy before the era of Dainty Kaine and other vapid skirts like them... 

1. Sittin' Home (Album Version)
2. Sittin' Home (Waiting For You) (Remix) (Feat. Shyne)
3. Trippin' Remix (Feat. DMX)
4. Sittin' Home (Instrumental)
5. Sittin' Home (Waiting For You) (Remix) (Instrumental)