Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sharon Pass: Runnin' Away (VLS) (Silk Entertainment, 2003)

Unreleased CeCe Peniston composition from 2003 originally intended for her then-forthcoming Silk Entertainment album that unfortunately never saw the light of day. Leads vocals are by vocalist Sharon Pass, who previously worked with Hurley on the 1997 song Word Is Love. Pass was a good choice for the song, her voice sounding almost identical to Peniston's in her hey day. As far as Peniston goes, it's a shame that she gave up doing this sort of thing in favor of soulless electro trash and most recently, drab adult contemporary garbage...

Co-production comes from fellow Chicago DJ Eric Miller (E-Smoove.)

A1 E-Smoove 'N' Silk Original Mix
B1 E-Smoove 'N' Silk Original Mix (Inst.)
B2 Acappella