Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Allure: Enjoy Yourself (Remixes) (Promo VLS) (MCA, 2001)

Promo-only remixes of Allure's first single to be taken from their sophomore album Sunny Days featuring
Loon, Field Mob, Ron G and more. With the exception of Ron G's remix, sides A & B are fairly mundane re-edits of the original LP version with a guest rapper. Sides C & D are far better, featuring funk, dance and quiet storm remixes, (though the dance mix is unfortunately edited.) The Mariah Carey-esque vocals from their debut era are gone in favor of a more contemporary sound à la Destiny's Child. Unfortunately owing to under promotion from MCA, this was the first and only single that the band released from this era.

A1 Enjoy Yourself - featuring LL Cool J
A2 Ron G. Remix
B1 Original Version featuring Loon From Bad Boy
B2 Original Version featuring Field Mob
C1 Boshop Mix (Go-Go Mix)
C2 Boshop Instrumental (Go-Go Mix)
D1 Mike Rizzo Remix
D2 Flinston Mix (Quiet Storm Remix)