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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Eternal: What'cha Gonna Do (White Label VLS) (EMI, 1999)

Scarce white label featuring an unreleased remix of Eternal's 1999 God-fearing song What'cha Gonna Do by Stevie J. Jordan (best known for his work as a producer for Sean 'Diddy' Combs' Bad Boy label in the 90s.)  Jordan produced most of the band's self-titled album in 1999, which was supposed to put the band in the same league as Destiny's Child but bombed in the charts. The unreleased mix features new vocals and alternate slower production. Definitely better than the original version but still not up there with some of their more earlier stuff...

A1 Beatmasters Mix*
B1 Stevie J Mix
B2 Stevie J Instrumental

*same as LP version

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Total: Smile (Promo VLS) (Bad Boy Entertainment, 2001)

Rare bootleg 12" dressed as an official Bad Boy promo and featuring urban mixes of Total's 1998 song "I Don't Wanna Smile" (stylized here as "Smile") and 112's song "Your Letter." Each side of the record includes an uncredited hip hop remix, a hip hop instrumental and a mellow R&B mix. I don't know for absolute certain that it is unofficial but the labels and catalog# do not match any known Bad Boy releases. Rare old skool stuff nevertheless.

A1 Hip Hop 200 Mix
A2 Instrumenal
A3 Midnight Mix
"Your Letter"
B1 Hip Hop 2000 Mix
B2 Instrumental
B3 Midnight Mix

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Total: No One Else (Remix) (CDM) (Bad Boy Entertainment, 1996)

More good stuff from Combs' Bad Boy camp circa 90s and back when he was stylizing himself as "Puff Daddy..." The second single from Total's debut LP featuring the excellent R&B remix by Chucky Thompson and Comb's "Puff Daddy" remix featuring raps from three female rap heavyweights at the time: Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown and So So Def's Da Brat.

They don't do 'em like they used to...

1. Puff Daddy Remix
2. R&B Remix
3. R&B Remix (Instrumental)
4. Puff Daddy Remix (Instrumental)

Total: Sittin' Home (CDM) (Bad Boy Entertainment, 1999)

CD Maxi-Single of Total's 1999 song Sittin' Home featuring the main remix with Shyne and an added bonus of Trippin' (Remix) featuring DMX. The remix to Sittin' Home (restyled as Sittin' Home (Waiting For You) loosely samples the guitar riff from Michigan & Smiley's 1981 song Diseases. Trippin' (Remix) samples LL Cool J's 4,3,2,1 and features a newly sung vocal arrangement. Not as sexy as the original but classic Bad Boy before the era of Dainty Kaine and other vapid skirts like them... 

1. Sittin' Home (Album Version)
2. Sittin' Home (Waiting For You) (Remix) (Feat. Shyne)
3. Trippin' Remix (Feat. DMX)
4. Sittin' Home (Instrumental)
5. Sittin' Home (Waiting For You) (Remix) (Instrumental)

Total: Do You Think About Us & When Boy Meets Girl (Remixes) (CDM) (Bad Boy Entertainment, 1996)

Back when Bad Boy was good... another one of Combs' signature acts during the 90s along with The Notorious B.I.G. and Faith Evans. This set in particular features some great early remixes by both Jermaine's So So Def team and Hex Hector. The So So Def mix in particular sounds very similar to stuff rival group Xscape was churning out at the same time, the background harmonies especially... 

1. Do You Think About Us (So So Def Remix)
2. Do You Think About Us (Album Version)
3. Do You Think About Us (So So Def Instrumental)
4. When Boy Meets Girl (Album Version)
5. When Boy Meets Girl (Instrumental)
6. When Boy Meets Girl (Hex hector's Traditional House Mix)