Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Brandy: Full Moon (Remixes) (UK White Label VLS) (2002)

Bootleg R&B and 2-step mixes of Norwood's 2002 song Full Moon by various underground British producers. I am taking a wild guess here that the "Tim Burton Remix" uses a sample from or is at least influenced by one of his various movie soundtracks. This being essentially a bootleg, there are no credits given but it is an fantastic remix - very dark and eerie. The 2-step remix is also rather awesome. The sound quality is excellent, but the beat on the J-Zak remix sounds a bit DIY. Preview all 3 mixes below:

A. J-Zak Remix
A2. Tim Burton Remix
B1. Ill Keez 2 Step Remix
B2. J-Zak Inst
B3. Tim Burton Inst