Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mary J. Blige: Beautiful (Black Label VLS) (1999)

Bootlegged pressing of Blige's 1999 song, featuring official remixes by Hi-Tek and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Hi-Tek's "Black Star" remix was later issued as a B-side track to All That I Can Say but the other two mixes were only ever available on a very scarce Flyte Tyme promo CD and on two different bootlegged 12" pressings (one yellow label, one black.) Both have the same printing error on side B that states track B2 is an "Instrumental" but it is in fact Hi-Tek's "Black Star" remix. The "Bounce" Mix is unique in that it includes a newly sung chorus, whereas the "B.B.Q." mix is a bit more uptempo. Track A1 also uses some of the piano loop from Blige's 1995 song I Love You (which is actually borrowed from Isaac Hayes 1970 song Ike's Mood.)

Classic Mary J at her best.

A1 Bounce Mix
A2 B.B.Q. Mix
B1 Radio (edit of original)
B2 Black Star Mix