Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beyoncé: Me, Myself And I (VLS) (Columbia, 2004)

'Bangin'  mixes of Knowles' Dangerously In Love lamentation and released as the third single from the album in 2004. Side A includes urban mixes with Ghostface Killah and Queens MC Grafh whereas side B features an Indian Bhaṅgṛā-R&B fusion mix and a rather cheesy 80s throwback mix by frequent collaborators The Bama Boys (an ode to the De La Soul song of the same name.) None beat the original SS production but it is nice to hear a different spin on this memorable track. Knowles at her peak. 

A1 Grizzly Remix featuring Ghostface Killah
A2 J'Ty Remix featuring Grafh*
A3 J'Ty Remix [without rap]*
B1 Bama Boys Throwback Remix
B2 Eastern Delight Mix
B3 J'Ty Remix [Acapella with rap]
B4 J'Ty Remix [Instrumental]*

*featuring replayed elements from Steely Dan's 1977 song Black Cow.