Saturday, March 1, 2014

Beyoncé: B-Ware (Bootleg) (Cruz Records, 2009)

There are no shortage of unreleased comps by Knowles floating around on the internet. At any day, a random search will bring up a plethora of DJ mixtapes and fan-made compilations masquerading as mix tapes. One notable item is a 'mix tape' that appeared online in 2005 titled Speak My Mind, which was, at the time, being slated as Knowles' unreleased second studio album. But after a zillion different copies appeared online with many different alterations to the track-listing, it became apparent that this 'mix tape' was possibly nothing more than a fan-made compilation thrown together. B-ware was issued to the Russian market in 2009 and features mostly unused material from the B'Day sessions. Notable cuts are two unreleased Stargate productions Kick Him Out and New Shoes (Postcard) that leaked online in 2007 and an unreleased song recorded between albums that leaked in 2008 titled Should Have (Real Title: Forever To Bleed.) The version of New Shoes is markedly different from the original that leaked in that it
features rap verses from Quiet Money Records rapper AZ. I don't think that this mix is at all official and in places it is evident that it was chopped up to accommodate the new verses. The original song clocked in at 2'37" but this new version clocks in at almost four minutes. Also different is the b-side track Back Up which features a few new rap verses from female MC Foxy Brown. Again this is unofficial but it does sound better than the previous chopped-up mess. Also featured are a few songs from the deluxe edition of B'Day, including the latter omitted song Still In Love (Kissing You) and a feature with Usher. The overall sound quality of the album is quite good although track 14 Honesty (later featured on the Music World compilation Love:Destiny) is in unfortunate low quality. 

An identical compilation can be found on the mix tape streaming site DaPiff (complete with different cover art) where it is being touted as a mix tape. This version does not include the bonus track.

1. Welcome To Hollywood 
2. Beautiful Nightmare 
3. Back Up 
4. Lost Yo Mind
5. Kick Him Out 
6. Creole 
7. Should Have 
8. New Shoes 
9. My Song
10. Love In This Club (Remix) 
11. My First Time 
12. I Can't Take No More 
13. If 
14. Honesty 
15. Still In Love 
16. Stop Sign (Bonus Track)