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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Full Flava featuring CeCe Peniston: For My Baby (UK CDM) (Dome Records, 2003)

Another feature from Peniston and recorded at the beginning of a decade spent supporting other artists. This particular feature was recorded with British R&B production team Full Flava and was the first of two (the latter one "You are The Universe" was recorded in 2006) recorded with them. The original album version was a mellow R&B song but version on this CD has been remixed. It is actually an edit of the longer KT & C dance mix. The Ruff-N-Tumbe remix borrows a sample from "Heartache No. 9" from British 70s soul/funk band Delegation.

1. Radio Edit
2. Ruff N Tumbe Remix
3. KT & C Remix

Listen: Ruff N Tumble Remix