Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Beyoncé: Crazy In Love (The Remixes) (White Label VLS) (2003)

 Another Beyoncé rarity, this time featuring a collection of  "Crazy In Love" remixes on white label vinyl. Most were officially released but there are a few exclusives, such as an alternate take of the original  song with a rap from Rah Digga instead of Jay-Z and an alleged remix version by Just Blaze featuring another female MC, J-Boo (who was part of the Wu-Tang Clan affiliated (female) rap group Deadly Venoms.) The authenticity of the later remix is unknown, though it does appear in the producer's back catalog. Among the commercial remixes is the Rockwilder remix (track A2: 'Rnb Remix') (uncredited here), and the two full-length dance remixes by Maurice Joshua and Junior Vasquez.

A1 Lumidee - Crazy In Love*
A2 Crazy In Love (Rnb Remix) feat. Jay-Z
A3 Crazy In Love (Remix) feat. Rah Digga
A4 Crazy In Love (Just Blaze Remix) feat. J-Boo
B1 Adam 12 So Crazy Remix
B2 Maurices Nu Soul_Remix
B3 Junior's World Remix

*Obviously not Knowles. A mixtape-only release by fellow R&B artist Lumidee featuring vocal refrains from her 2003 song "Never Leave You (Uh Oh)" and different verses over the original instrumental.  Not very good. Why it is on here, I do not know, but it is rare all the same. 

Listen: Crazy In Love (Remix) feat. Rah Digga

Listen: Crazy In Love (Just Blaze Remix) feat. J-Boo