Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Brandy: Peak Performance (Promo CDM) (Atlantic, 1995)

This promotional CD was issued in limited quantities only as part of a promotional campaign in 1995 and features 3 remixes of songs from Norwood's debut album, two of which are almost impossible to find. The mix of "Best Friend" was not available on CD single and is quite a find; it features all new vocals and different, slower production; it was only available on a handful of releases - all promotional - including here, promotional radio CD and vinyl.  The mix of "I'm Yours'', as far as I know, is not available anywhere else but here. It uses the same vocals as the original but features a gospelly piano accompaniment instead. It's not one of Norwood's best songs by far but this mix definitely brings about something different. The mix of "I Wanna Be Down" can be found as a B-side to Norwood's follow-up hit "Baby" and features Queen Latifah, MC Lyte and Yo-Yo. It was recently released again on  the US edition of "The Best of Brandy" as a bonus track.

1. I Wanna Be Down (The Human Rhythm Hip Hop Remix)
2. I'm Yours (Piano Remix)
3. Best Friend (K.C. Full Mix)

Listen: I'm Yours (Piano Remix)

Listen: Best Friend (K.C. Full Mix)