Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mary J. Blige: 8 Unreleased Gems (Bootleg Vinyl Comp) (N/A)

There is no shortage of unofficial Mary J. Blige material out there, but I find a 12" much easier to listen to than a mixtape. I absolutely loathe the snipped and often tagged versions of rare songs that most DJs stick on these compilations. Anyway... here's another bootleg vinyl from the queen of hip hop soul, this one comprising mostly of remixes and rare tracks from her 1999 eponymous album, plus a few others. I'm not sure if the remix of Time was official or not but it seems it was only ever pressed to bootleg 12" vinyl for DJs. It is basically the same as the original album version with additional rap verses by a rap artist called Quasar (QSR.) Confrontation was originally featured on Funkmaster Flex and Big Kap's 1999 album The Tunnel and was later issued on a separate disc to some editions of Mary along with Sincerity. Both the introduction and the final track Misty Blue were taken from Blige's 1998 live album The Tour. The only track which doesn't really fit in with the sound of this set is track 8 Feel Of Your
Lips, which is actually an R&B band called Sista's track and features Blige and her then partner K-Ci of Jodeci. Sista was formed by Missy Elliott in the early 1990s and was before she found mainstream success as a solo artist. Blige doesn't really feature much on this song, apart from at the end where she sings the hook to her 1994 song I Never Wanna Live Without You. Aside from the remix of Time and Feel Of Your Lips, most of these tracks aren't really unreleased. There is no date of release though judging by most of the material featured, I'm guessing between 1999-2000. Old school Mary J at her best!

A1 Intro Live In L.A.
A2 Your Child (Kiyamma Remix ft. Ghostface Killah)
A3 Give Me You (Royal Garden Remix)
A4 Time (Remix ft.Quasar)
A5 Confrontation ft. Funkmaster Flex
B1 Sincerity ft. DMX & Nas
B2 Your Child (Chucky Thompson's Late Night Remix)
B3  Feel Of Your Lips ft. K-Ci Hailey, Missy Elliott & Sista
B4 Misty Blue (Live & Sold Out In L.A. Mix)