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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kelis: About To Hate Me (Promo VLS) (Jive, 2006)

Though this record masquerades as an official release, I believe that this promo may actually be a bootleg. For starters, the sound quality isn't very good and the songs listed are rumored to be left-overs from the singer's third album Tasty (2004) and not from her 2006 release Kelis Was here. About To Hate Me was rumored to have been produced by Raphael Saadiq but word around the camp fire is that it was actually produced by P.Diddy and was listed in a Rolling Stone article about Tasty back in '03. It is also known by its alternate title as Guilty Girl or Guilty Girl (About To Hate Me.) The instrumental is not a true instrumental of the original as there is no b-section, but it does not sound like a looped mishmash of the instrumental parts either. Emergency (misspelled "Emergancey") is another track that is titled wrong and is actually Harlem Streets, another Raphael Saadiq collaboration that didn't make final tracklisting to the Tasty album. The only track with the correct title is Running Mate, which was produced by Timbaland and  supposedly an ode to her then-fiance Nas. It sounds quite unmastered but very much Timbaland with sped-up drums, heavy bass and distorted guitars.

A1 About To Hate me (AKA Guilty Girl) (Original)
A2 About To Hate Me (Instrumental)
B1 Emergancey (AKA Harlem Streets) (Original)
B2 Runnin' Mate (Original)
B3 Runnin' Mate (Instrumental)

Listen: About To Hate Me

Listen: Running Mate

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sharon Pass: Runnin' Away (VLS) (Silk Entertainment, 2003)

Unreleased CeCe Peniston composition from 2003 originally intended for her then-forthcoming Silk Entertainment album that unfortunately never saw the light of day. Leads vocals are by vocalist Sharon Pass, who previously worked with Hurley on the 1997 song Word Is Love. Pass was a good choice for the song, her voice sounding almost identical to Peniston's in her hey day. As far as Peniston goes, it's a shame that she gave up doing this sort of thing in favor of soulless electro trash and most recently, drab adult contemporary garbage...

Co-production comes from fellow Chicago DJ Eric Miller (E-Smoove.)

A1 E-Smoove 'N' Silk Original Mix
B1 E-Smoove 'N' Silk Original Mix (Inst.)
B2 Acappella

Steve 'Silk' Hurley & The Voices of Life: The Word Is Love (French CDM) (Feel The Rhythm, 1998)

Another big house anthem from Steve 'Silk' Hurley that unfortunately didn't get much attention. It was issued in many formats by a dozen different record labels (mainly throughout Europe) and in the UK scored within the the Top 75, peaking at number 26 in March 1998. Vocals are by Sharon Pass, who provided vocals for a further composition in 2003 (see next post.)

The Word Is Love (Radio Edit) 4:04
The Word Is Love (Silk's Anthem Of Life) 8:58
The Word Is Love (Silk's Original Mix Of Life) 5:59
The Word Is Love (Kelly G's Bump N'Love Mix) 7:40
The Word Is Love (Kelly G.Dub) 5:23

Vernessa Mitchell Feat. Rickey Dillard's New G: Higher (Junior Vaquez Remix) (VLS) (Silk Entertainment, 1999)

Junior Vasquez' tribal house makeover of the previous post, available on a separate 12" from Silk Entertainment... The slow-fast production is synonymous with many of his other mixes from this era, particularly by Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige...

A1 Junior's Sunday Morning Marathon
B1 Junior's Marathon Beats
B2 Junior's Sunday Morning Radio Edit

Vernessa Mitchell Feat. Rickey Dillard's New G: Higher (VLS) (Silk Entertainment, 1999)

Another big tune from Steve 'Silk' Hurley and his team, this time featuring ex-Christian and gospel recording artist Vernessa Mitchell. Though the original gospelly production is good, it is the more underground and ethereal sounding Silk's Journey To Heaven that stands out the most...

A1 Silk's Original 12" Mix
A2 Silk's Instrumental Dub Reprise
A3 Silk's Intro Reprise
B1 Silk's Journey To Heaven

Sevynn: Free (VLS) (Silk Entertainment, 1999)

Another overlooked track from Hurley, this time a house remake of the Denise Williams 1976 song of the same name. Vocals are provided by vocalist Sevynn (not to be confused with the vomity Sevyn Streeter.)

Probably one of his best tracks, definitely up there with anything he ever did with Peniston...

A1 Silk's Anthem

A2 Silk's Acappella Edit
B1 Silk's Uplifting Reprise
B2 Kelly G's Fly N Free Club Mix*

*features an alternate vocal take

Kelly G. feat. Sharon Pass: Go Down Moses (VLS) (Silk Entertainment, 1998)

More rare Steve 'Silk' Hurley from the late 90s featuring fellow DJ Kelly G and regular vocalist Sharon Pass. Original part of Hurley's Silk Entertainment label, Kelly was a prolific remixer in the 90s and now works as the senior director of music programming for BET.

A1 Kelly's Original Testimony
A2 Silk's Spiritual Anthem Pt. 2
B1 Mark Grant's Underground Dub
B2 Kelly's Slave Ship Dub Pt. 1

CeCe Peniston: Eternal Lover (AU CDM) (Vinyl Pusher Records, 2004)

This is another in a long line of non-album singles that CeCe Peniston released while in between record labels during early 2000s.  This particular one was only ever issued in Australian and French territories and was produced by French electronic artist Fredéric Tharreau, also known as BiBi. Despite never being released anywhere else, the single did reach number 53 on the UK top75.

1. BiBi Radio Edit
2. BiBi Full Vocal
3. BiBi Full Dub
4. Audiowhores Vocal Remix
5. Audiowhores Reprise

Listen: Audiowhores Vocal Remix

Friday, February 1, 2013

David Longoria feat. CeCe Peniston: Deeper Love (Del Oro Music, 2005)

This was yet another feature that Peniston did in the early to mid 2000s and was a collaboration with Latino singer-songwriter/jazz trumpeter David Longoria. It reached the top twenty on the US Bilboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 2005 and remained in the chart for eleven weeks in total. Peniston is not singing the lead vocals on this song, but is instead singing the chorus and ad-libbing in the background. There are eleven remixes in total on this maxi-single, including collaborations with house heavyweight Junior Vasquez, jungle artist Andrew Wright and reggae artist Tippa-Lee.These remixes are mostly atmospheric house, but there are some unique gems thrown in to the mix, such as the Caribbean flavored Rasta Men Mix and Longoria's electro Espania Mix.

1. Deeper Love (Junior Vasquez Club Mix)
2. Deeper Love (L.E.X. Mambo Vocal Mix)
3. Deeper Love (Groove Finders Mix)
4. Deeper Love (Rasta Men Mix) featuring Andrew Wright & Tippa-Lee
5. Deeper Love (Ryan Humphries Club Mix)
6. Deeper Love (D-lon Espania Mix)
7. Deeper Love (Ryan Humphries Chill Mix)
8. Deeper Love (INTRAvenis Mix)
9. Deeper Love (Ryan Humphries Industrial Mix)
10. Deeper Love (Break-a-leg-down Mix)
11. Deeper Love (L.E.X. Mambo Dub Mix)

Listen: Deeper Love (Junior Vasquez Club Mix)

Listen: Deeper Love (Rasta Men Mix) featuring Andrew Wright & Tippa-Lee

Saison feat. CeCe Peniston: Reminiscin' (Real Deal Records, 2001)

Reminiscin' was the first of many features that Peniston did throughout the 2000s. It became somewhat of a breakout hit for Filipino singer Saison, reaching number 30 on the US dance chart. It was released on boxer Evander Holyfield's own record label Real Deal Records and was remixed by Matthias "Matty" Heibronn and French DJ Rick Pier O'Neil (RPO.)

1. LP Version
2. RPO Vocal Mix
3. RPO Dub
4. Matty's Soulflower Mix
5. Matty's Deep Dub
6. Matty's II Deep Club Mix
7. Matty's II Deep Beats
8. RPO Instrumental Dub.

Listen: RPO Vocal Mix

Listen: Matty's Soulflower Mix

CeCe Peniston: Lifetime To Love (CDM) (4 Play Records, 2000)

Originally from the Manny Lehman compilation Circuit Sessions 00.1, Lifetime to Love was released as a single in the US in the year 2000 and reached number two on the US dance chart. It was written by Steven Nikolas and Brendon Sibley, who had penned notable hits for the singer in the past, and  featured remixes by Rosabel (Ralphi Rosario & Abel Aguilera) and Dave Audé.

1. Lifetime To Love (Radio Edit)
2. Lifetime To Love (Nikolas & Sibley Extended Mix)
3. Lifetime To Love (Rosabel Attitude Vox)
4. Lifetime To Love (Rosabel Data Flash Dub)
5. Lifetime To Love (Nic Torrrieo & Rob Milo Dub)
6. Lifetime To Love (Justin Time Dub)
7. Lifetime To Love (Mr. Nice Guy 2 Step Mix)*

*Remixed by Dave Audé.

Listen: Rosabel Attitude Vox

Listen: Mr. Nice Guy 2 Step Mix

CeCe Peniston: He Loves Me 2 (French CDM) (Feel The Rhythm, 1999)

He Loves Me 2 was Peniston's second release on Silk Entertainment records and again produced by Steve 'Silk' Hurley in 1999. This single was issued in the US and France, but saw CD release only in the latter country (where it was released via Feel The Rhythm Records.) The added bonus of this CD is that it features two Steve 'Silk' Hurley remixes unavailable in the US (Roller Discoclub Mix & Edit.)

1. He Loves Me 2 (Silk's Radio Edit)
2. He Loves Me 2 (Roller Disco Edit)
3. He Loves Me 2 (Silk's 12" Mix)
4. He Loves Me 2 (Paul Johnson's Vocal Dub)
5. He Loves Me 2 (Paul Johnson's Dancefloor Dub)
6. He Loves Me 2 (Junior's Love 2 Club Remix)
7. He Loves Me 2 (Roller Discoclub Mix)

Listen: Silk's Radio Edit

Listen: Roller Disco Edit

CeCe Peniston: Nobody Else (CDM) (Silk Entertainment, 1998)

Nobody Else was Peniston's first of three singles for Silk Entertainment records, produced entirely by long-time collaborator Steve 'Silk' Hurley in 1998. This CD doesn't include any remixes, just different edits with alternate vocals and instrumentation. 

1. Silk's Radio Edit
2. Silk's House Revival
3. Silk's Filter Dub
4. Silk's Spiritual Reprise

Listen: Silk's Radio Edit

Listen: Silk's Spiritual Reprise

CeCe Peniston: Before I Lay (You Drive Me Crazy) (The Grand Jury Remixes) (Promo CDM) (A&M, 1996)

Something different from Peniston this time... taken from her 1996 album I'm Movin' On, which saw her moving in a more urban direction as from her previous work. Before I Lay was the second single lifted from the album and featured vocals from JoJo Hailey. R&B remixes were done by Grand Jury, but were limited to promotional CD and 12" only.

1. Radio Remix
2. Grand Jury Mix
3. Back Of The Room Mix
4. LP Version

Listen: Grand Jury Remix

CeCe Peniston: My Boo (VLS) (Silk Entertainment, 2001)

My Boo was Peniston's third and final single for the Silk Entertainment label, and her final collaboration with Steve 'Silk' Hurley to date. It was released exclusively on 12" Maxi format in the US only. Technically not a CD I know, but it was essential to complete the set. Again, there are no remixes on here, just different edits (including an acapella and a demo version), though remixes by Hurley and Ron Carrol were later released on a separate 12" found HERE.

1. My Boo (The Things You Do) (12" Version)
2. My Boo (The Things You Do) (Acapella)
3. My Boo (The Things You Do) (Disco Dub)
4. My Boo (The Things You Do) (Demo Version)

Listen: 12" Version

Listen: Disco Dub

CeCe Peniston: My Boo (Remixes) (VLS) (Silk Entertainment, 2001)

This is the second record in the set to CeCe's 2001 vinyl-only release "My Boo," which was produced by Steve 'Silk' Hurley and intended for the singer's canceled Silk Entertainment album. Ron Carroll's "Body  Music Vocal Mix" kicks off side A, while an alternate mix by Hurley "Silk's Deep House Mix" is the main feature on side B. Hurley's mix isn't that much different from the original but for a few new chord changes. It sill features the same beat and the original sample of "The Bottle" by Gil Scott-Heron.The first record in the set can be found HERE.

1. My Boo (Ron Carroll's Body Music Vocal Mix)
2. My Boo (Silk's Deep Dub Mix)
3. My Boo (Silk's Deep House Mix)
4. My Boo (Ron's Instrumental Edit)

Listen: Ron's Body Music Vocal Mix

Listen: Silk's Deep House Mix