Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kelis: About To Hate Me (Promo VLS) (Jive, 2006)

Though this record masquerades as an official release, I believe that this promo may actually be a bootleg. For starters, the sound quality isn't very good and the songs listed are rumored to be left-overs from the singer's third album Tasty (2004) and not from her 2006 release Kelis Was here. About To Hate Me was rumored to have been produced by Raphael Saadiq but word around the camp fire is that it was actually produced by P.Diddy and was listed in a Rolling Stone article about Tasty back in '03. It is also known by its alternate title as Guilty Girl or Guilty Girl (About To Hate Me.) The instrumental is not a true instrumental of the original as there is no b-section, but it does not sound like a looped mishmash of the instrumental parts either. Emergency (misspelled "Emergancey") is another track that is titled wrong and is actually Harlem Streets, another Raphael Saadiq collaboration that didn't make final tracklisting to the Tasty album. The only track with the correct title is Running Mate, which was produced by Timbaland and  supposedly an ode to her then-fiance Nas. It sounds quite unmastered but very much Timbaland with sped-up drums, heavy bass and distorted guitars.

A1 About To Hate me (AKA Guilty Girl) (Original)
A2 About To Hate Me (Instrumental)
B1 Emergancey (AKA Harlem Streets) (Original)
B2 Runnin' Mate (Original)
B3 Runnin' Mate (Instrumental)

Listen: About To Hate Me

Listen: Running Mate