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Friday, December 9, 2011

Tamar: I'm Leaving (Promo VLS) (Casablanca, 2004)

After she was dropped from her previous contract with Dreamworks, Tamar Braxton was briefly signed to Casablanca Records and released one promotional single I'm Leaving in 2004. It was the one and only song that she had with the label and it didn't chart. It was released on 12" only and featured the same song on both sides, but with different rappers. Side one featured Bump J and the reverse side featured Ali Vegas.

Listen: I'm Leaving featuring Bump J

Tamar: Just Cuz/It's Time/Get Mine/Let Him Go (Promo VLS) (Dreamworks, 1999)

This promotional EP was issued prior to the release of Tamar's eponymous debut album  in 1999 (while it still had the working title "Ridiculous") and features tracks tracks that never made it onto the final cut. Most of them were produced by Christopher "Tricky" Stewart and were scrapped from the album in favor of inferior fluff produced by Jermaine Dupri and Missy Elliott. Brand Nubian rapper Grand Puba appears uncredited on track 3.

1. Just Cuz (LP Version)
2. Just Cuz (Instrumental Version)
3. It's Time (LP Version)*
4. It's Time (Instrumental Version)*
5. Get Mine (LP Version)
6. Get Mine (Instrumental Version)
7. Let Him Go featuring Solé (LP Version)
8. Let Him Go (Instrumental Version)

*Produced by Darrell "Delite" Allamby 

Listen: It's Time (LP Version) (Re-upped in stereo)

Listen: Let Him Go feat. Solé (LP Version) (Re-upped in stereo)

Tamar: Get None featuring J.D. & Amil (CDM) (Dreamworks, 1999)

This was Tamar's first single from her debut release on Dreamworks Records (which then had the working title 'Ridiculous') and was produced by Jermaine Dupri. The single itself is rather unremarkable (it tanked in the charts), but is worth buying for the non-LP ballad track Don't Cry, which was produced by Christopher 'Tricky' Stewart.

1. Get None (Album Version)
2. Get None (Instrumental)
3. Get None (Acapella)
4. Don't Cry (Non-album track)

Listen: Don't Cry (Non-album track)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chanté Moore: Chante's Got A Man (Remix) (Promo VLS) (MCA, 1999)

This was Moore's one and only single to chart inside the Billboard top ten. It was released in 1999 and was produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. It appears here in its remixed form, along with ''The Moment Is Mine'' album cut "If I Gave Love" (which was produced by Rodney Jerkins.) There are two remixes on this promotional 12", Jermaine Dupri's So So Def Remix, which samples Positive K's 1992 song "I Got A Man," and Hex Hector's Intimate Club Mix. Dupri's remix uses an alternative vocal take and features rap sections from both himself and R.O.C., while Hex Hector's mix transforms the song into a hypnotic dance floor filler. Neither of these mixes were ever released commercially, though Dupri's mix later appeared on the soundtrack to the 2001 film ''Two Can Play That Game.''

1. Chante's Got A Man - So So Def Remix
2. If I Gave Love
3. Chante's Got A Man - Hex's Intimate Club Mix

Listen: Chante's Got A Man - So So Def Remix

Listen: Chante's Got A Man - Hex's Intimate Club Mix

Chanté Moore: Bitter (Promo VLS) (MCA, 2001)

Bitter was to be the intended second single from Exposed, but after the failure of the album, it was only ever issued promotionally on vinyl. There are four different unique edits of the song on this 12", including a version that completely replaces Moore's controversial use of the word "Nigger" with "Mister" instead.

Listen: Mister Version (Re-upped in stereo)

Chanté Moore: Take Care Of Me (EU Promo CDM) (MCA, 2001)

Take Care Of Me  was the third and final song to be lifted from Moore's fourth album Exposed and was issued promotionally in Europe only in 2001. It was the last of two promotional-only songs that followed Straight Up in the year 2000 and was produced by Tim and Bob. There are three different versions on this CD, including two exclusive remixes that cannot be found anywhere else but here.

1. Take Care Of Me
2. Take Care Of Me (Gone Klear Mix) (feat. Da Brat)
3. Take Care Of Me (Gone Klear Mix) (No Rap)

Listen: Take Care Of Me (Gone Klear Mix) (feat. Da Brat)

Chanté Moore: Straight Up (German CDM) (MCA, 2000)

Straight Up was the lead single from Moore's fourth album Exposed, and saw the singer moving in a more urban direction as from her previous work. It was produced by Jermaine Dupri, who had worked with her previously on a remix to her 1999 single Chanté's Got A Man. Many remixes to this song were only ever issued on 12" vinyl, but this German CD features six mixes, including four that were never issued in any other country: B.R.L. Hot Radio Remix; B.R.L. Hot Club Remix; Wackside Tweeker Mix & Wackside Tweeker Dub.

1. Radio Edit
2. B.R.L. Hot Radio Remix
3. B.R.L. Hot Club Remix
4. Wackside Tweeker Mix
5. Wackside Tweeker Dub
6. Junior Vasquez Remix
7. Sunship Main Mix
8. Video

Listen: B.R.L Hot Radio Remix

Listen: Wackside Tweeker Mix

Chanté Moore: Old School Lovin' (The Remixes) (Promo CDM) (MCA, 1994)

Old School Lovin' was the lead single from Moore's sophomore LP A Love Supreme and was released in 1994. Again, there were two versions of the song, the original album version and a Long Hot Summer Breeze version, which featured different production and an alternate vocal take. Fortunately, the latter version was issued on commercial 12"s and CD singles (along with the Short Hot Summer Breeze Version), but this rare promo CD features eight different edits, including an instrumental (with backing vocals), an acapella and even a more stripped down mix (KD Mix.)

1. Radio Edit
2. Short Hot Summer Breeze Version
3. Long Hot Summer Breeze Version
4. KD Mix
5. Acapella
6. Beatapella
7. Instrumental
8. Suite

Listen: Long Hot Summer Breeze Version

Chanté Moore: As If We Never Met (Promo CDM) (MCA, 1993)

As If We Never Met was the fourth and final single to be taken from Moore's debut album Precious in 1993. There were two versions of the song, the original from the album and a remixed vocal version, which included all-new "bluesy" production and featured brand new vocals from Moore. The latter was only ever issued promotionally and is almost impossible to find. This CD includes the "Remixed Vocal Version," a radio edit and an instrumental.

1. Radio Edit
2. Remixed Vocal Version
3. Suite

Listen: Remixed Vocal Version