Monday, August 1, 2011

Blu Cantrell: From L.A. To L.O. (Mixtape) (2004)

This unofficial compilation was distributed in the UK in 2004 and was originally said to be the follow-up to Cantrell's 2003 album Bittersweet. Though it appears that the tracks were newly-recorded at the time, it was only ever meant to be a stop-gap in between albums.  It has since been classified as a mixtape. Whether the new songs were recorded for a follow-up project to Bittersweet or they were recorded specially for this compilation, I don't know. Two tracks feature big-name artists. It was not distributed anywhere else, though it has since been circulated on the Internet with fan-made artwork. All tracks are by Cantrell with the exception of track ten, which is by an artist called Troy Cash. Very rare.

1.Make Me Wanna Scream*
2. Girl Please featuring Troy Cash
3. Ready featuring Tony Denaro
4. Interlude/I Can't Go For That
5. Straight Rider featuring Snoop Dogg
6. Spank My Ass featuring Missy Elliott
7. Lady featuring Dirt-T
8. I Got A Man
9. Roll Up featuring The Brigade
10. My My My (Troy Cash featuring The Brigade)
11. Be Grateful

*not the same version as on Cantrell's Bittersweet album

Listen: Straight Rider featuring Snoop Dogg
Listen: Spank My Ass featuring Missy Elliott