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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Braxtons: The Boss (Promo CDM) (Atlantic, 1996)

This was The Braxtons' third single on the Atlantic record label in 1996 and a cover of Diana Ross' 1979 hit of the same name. The original album version was produced by Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez and Louie Vega (Masters At Work) and spent some time at the top of the US dance chart. This promo was only ever sent to radio stations in the US and features three rare alternative mixes that weren't issued anywhere else, including a quiet storm version and two rap edits (a version with Peter Gunz and one without.) The rap versions feature completely different lyrics and production to the original.The quiet storm version is mixed by Donald Parks, Emanuel Officer and John Howcott (who produced some of the slower tracks on their album); I believe that tracks 2 & 3 were mixed by hip hop producer Red Spyda, though I am not exactly sure.

1. Radio Edit Of Album
2. Spyda Mix with Rap Radio Edit
3. Spyda Mix without Rap Radio Edit
4. H.O.P. Quiet Storm Mix Radio Edit

Listen: Spyda Mix with Rap Radio Edit

Listen: H.O.P. Quiet Storm Mix Radio Edit

The Braxtons: Slow Flow (German CDM) (Atlantic, 1997)

This uptempo ballad was The Braxtons' third and final single for the Atlantic record label. It was produced by Christopher "Tricky" Stewart and released in 1997. This CD single was exclusive to Germany and features two b-side tracks, the So Many Ways album track L.A.D.I and a non-LP ballad 24/7.

1. Slow Flow
2. L.A.D.I
3. 24/7

Listen: 24/7

The Braxtons: So Many Ways (German CDM) (Atlantic, 1996)

This was The Braxtons' first single as a three-piece in 1996 and their first for Atlantic Records. It was produced by Jermaine Dupri and features a rap from Jay-Z. This CD was exclusive to Germany and featured additional remixes that were not widely available in the US, including an alternative mix by Dupri (Trina's Mix Extended) and a re-sung mix with alternative vocal arrangements (Tamar's Mix Extended.) The latter mix also features a different rap verse by BD Booze.

1. Album Version
2. Trina's Mix Extended
3. Feat. Jay Z. Extended
4. Tamar's Mix Extended
5. Instrumental
6. LP Version

Listen: Trina's Mix Extended

Listen: Tamar's Mix Extended

The Braxtons: Good Life (VLS) (Arista, 1990)

This was Toni Braxton's first ever recording with her four sisters in 1990. It wasn't a hit, but Toni caught the attention of production team L.A. Reid and Babyface, and later went on to sign to their label (LaFace Records) as a solo artist. The Braxtons regrouped as a threesome in 1996 and inked a deal with Atlantic Records. They released one album So Many Ways and then disbanded for good. Neither this song or its b-side Family appeared on the track-listing, however an acapella mix of Good Life later appeared on The Essential Toni Braxton in 2007.

1. Extended Version
2. Full Version
3. Single Version
4. Family

Listen: Single Version

Listen: Family