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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tamia: Stranger In My House (Promo CDM) (Elektra, 2001)

This was Tamia's second single from her sophomore album A Nu Day and was her biggest hit to date, reaching number ten on the Billboard Hot 100. This CD was only ever issued on a promotional basis and features five radio remixes by a wide range of producers and remixers including Hex Hector and Mac Quayle (HQ2), and Jermaine Dupri, whose So So Def radio mix features alternative production and re-sung vocals. There's also an additional "soul" remix by Maurice Joshua that was never issued on any of the CD singles.

1. Thunderpuss Radio Mix
2. HQ2 Radio Mix - Vocals Up
3. Maurice's Club Radio Mix
4. Maurice's Soul Radio Mix
5. So So Def Radio Mix

Listen: Maurice's Soul Radio Mix

Listen: So So Def Radio Mix

Tamia: Can't Go For That (Digipak CDM) (Elektra, 2000)

Can't Go For That was the first single to be taken from Tamia's second album A Nu Day and was co-produced by Missy Elliott. Dance remixes were done by Jonathan Peters, which included additional ad-libs over the original vocals. There is also a trance mix, an instrumental and the album version of Tell Me Who.

1. Album Version
2. Jonathan Peters' Sound Factory Mix @ 127 BPM
3. Jonathan Peters' Trance Mix
4. Jonathan Peters' Club Mix @ 133 BPM
5. Instrumental
6. Tell Me Who (Album Version)

Listen: Jonathan Peters' Sound Factory Mix @ 127 BPM

Listen: Jonathan Peters' Trance Mix

Tamia: Careless Whisper & More (Japanese CDM) (Warner Music Japan, 1998)

This CD was exclusive to Japan in 1998 and featured rare remixes of Tamia's debut single Imagination that were previously only available promotionally or on vinyl. Remixes include a 12" dance mix by Hex Hector, a quiet storm remix, and urban remixes by Jermaine Dupri and Lil Jon. Both the quiet storm remix and Lil Jon's Bass Remix use re-sung vocals and feature different production.

1. Careless Whisper
2. Imagination (HH 12inch Voc Mix)
3. Imagination (Lil Jon's Bass Remix)
4. Imagination (JD Main Mix)
5. Imagination (Rory's Quiet Storm Remix Extended)

Listen: Lil Jon's Bass Remix

Listen: Rory's Quiet Storm Remix Extended

Tamia: So Into You (German CDM) (Qwest, 1998)

This was Tamia's second single from her debut eponymous debut album and was released in 1998. One of the artist's signature songs, it was produced by Tim & Bob and used a modified sample from the Commodores' 1978 song Say Yeah. A remix version by Wyclef Jean was released to 12" vinyl in the US, but was distributed more widely in Germany, where it was released on CD format. The remix features a different vocal take, but retains the same lyrics and musical structure as the original, and even utilizes some parts of the Commodores' sample. It features a rap from female rapper Free, though she is not credited on the liner notes.

1. So Into You (Radio Edit)
2. So Into You (Wyclef Jean Radio Remix)
3. So Into You (Wyclef Jean Main Mix)
4. So Into You (Instrumental)
5. So Into You (A Capella)*

*Actually the Wyclef Jean Remix A Capella

Listen: Wyclef Jean Main Mix

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Eternal: Sweet Funky Thing (R&B Radio CD) (UK Promo CDM) (EMI, 1994)

This was the fifth single to be released from Eternal's debut album Always & Forever and was issued as a double A-side with Oh Baby I... in the UK. This CD was only ever issued to radio stations and features R&B mixes that were only ever pressed onto promotional 12" vinyl. Fortunately the cringe-worthy intro and outro sections that feature the girls talking in faux-American accents are absent from both.

1. Sweet Funky Thing
2. Sweet Funky Thing (WBLF New York Radio Remix)
3. Sweet Funky Thing (New York City Radio Remix)

Listen: Sweet Funky Thing (WBLF New York City Radio Remix)