Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dina Carroll: Walk On By (Austrian CDM) (Zomba, 1989)

This was Carroll's first ever official single and was released on the Jive/Zomba record label in 1989. It was a cover of the Dionne Warwick song of the same name and was co-produced and featured British R&B group The Pasadenas. It didn't make it into the UK top 40 but it was a minor hit in Europe. The b-side track Me Sienta Sola was eventually released as a single in its own right and became a minor underground hit on the New York club scene.This CD single was released in Austria only. It basically has the same track-listing as the UK 12" Maxi, but includes a radio version (Morality Mix.)

1. Walk On By (Extended Mix)
2. Walk On By (Jazzy Mix)
3. Me Sienta Sola
4. Walk On By (Morality Mix-Radio Version)

Listen: Walk On By (Extended Mix)

Listen: Me Sienta Sola