Friday, February 1, 2013

David Longoria feat. CeCe Peniston: Deeper Love (Del Oro Music, 2005)

This was yet another feature that Peniston did in the early to mid 2000s and was a collaboration with Latino singer-songwriter/jazz trumpeter David Longoria. It reached the top twenty on the US Bilboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 2005 and remained in the chart for eleven weeks in total. Peniston is not singing the lead vocals on this song, but is instead singing the chorus and ad-libbing in the background. There are eleven remixes in total on this maxi-single, including collaborations with house heavyweight Junior Vasquez, jungle artist Andrew Wright and reggae artist Tippa-Lee.These remixes are mostly atmospheric house, but there are some unique gems thrown in to the mix, such as the Caribbean flavored Rasta Men Mix and Longoria's electro Espania Mix.

1. Deeper Love (Junior Vasquez Club Mix)
2. Deeper Love (L.E.X. Mambo Vocal Mix)
3. Deeper Love (Groove Finders Mix)
4. Deeper Love (Rasta Men Mix) featuring Andrew Wright & Tippa-Lee
5. Deeper Love (Ryan Humphries Club Mix)
6. Deeper Love (D-lon Espania Mix)
7. Deeper Love (Ryan Humphries Chill Mix)
8. Deeper Love (INTRAvenis Mix)
9. Deeper Love (Ryan Humphries Industrial Mix)
10. Deeper Love (Break-a-leg-down Mix)
11. Deeper Love (L.E.X. Mambo Dub Mix)

Listen: Deeper Love (Junior Vasquez Club Mix)

Listen: Deeper Love (Rasta Men Mix) featuring Andrew Wright & Tippa-Lee