Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tamia: So Into You (German CDM) (Qwest, 1998)

This was Tamia's second single from her debut eponymous debut album and was released in 1998. One of the artist's signature songs, it was produced by Tim & Bob and used a modified sample from the Commodores' 1978 song Say Yeah. A remix version by Wyclef Jean was released to 12" vinyl in the US, but was distributed more widely in Germany, where it was released on CD format. The remix features a different vocal take, but retains the same lyrics and musical structure as the original, and even utilizes some parts of the Commodores' sample. It features a rap from female rapper Free, though she is not credited on the liner notes.

1. So Into You (Radio Edit)
2. So Into You (Wyclef Jean Radio Remix)
3. So Into You (Wyclef Jean Main Mix)
4. So Into You (Instrumental)
5. So Into You (A Capella)*

*Actually the Wyclef Jean Remix A Capella

Listen: Wyclef Jean Main Mix