Thursday, March 14, 2013

Monifah: "You" Remix (Promo CDM) (Uptown Records, 1996)

You was the second single from Monifah's debut album Moods...Moments and was released in 1996. The remix version was written and produced by Heavy D, and featured Panama P.I. and Herb McGruff, (though McGruff appeared only on the dirty version, which was exclusive to vinyl only.) It featured alternative production and re-sung vocals from Monifah, but still retained some of the song's original elements. On this promo CD is an edited version (without McGruff), a rapless version and an instrumental.   

1. Remix With Rap Featuring '"Panama P.I."
2. Remix w/o Rap
3. Instrumental

Listen: Remix Wth Rap Featuring "Panama P.I."