Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kiss The Sky: Voodoo Chile (Japanese Mini-Album) (Victor Musical Industries, 1991)

Kiss The Sky was formed in 1991, and consisted of Jaki Graham and British synth player Paul Hardcastle. The music was primarily computer-generated dance-pop, but with elements of jazz and house music. Graham served as the main vocalist from 1991-1993, and then she left to pursue other projects. A vocalist called Imani took over from Graham's role for the band's second album Millennium Skyway. This mini album was exclusive to Japan in 1991 and included rare remixes from 12"s and promos, and even two unreleased tracks.

1. Voodoo Chile (Rap Attack Mix)
2. Crazy (Dance Mix)
3. What Does It Take (Atmospheric Mix)
4. Two Wrongs
5. Livin' For You (Original Mix)
6. It's You (Dance Mix)
7. Voodoo Chile

Listen: Voodoo Chile (Rap Attack Mix)

Listen: Crazy