Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jaki Graham: You're One Desire (Japanese Mini CDS) (Cutting Edge, 1996)

This was Jaki's first of three singles from her 1996 album Rhythm Of Life and was released in Japan only on 3" CD format. It was the only single from the album to be released there, the other two being exclusive to Scandinavia only. On this CD, there's a Single Mix and an Extended Soul Mix; the Single Mix features a slightly different intro, and the Extended Soul Mix features different instrumentation and production altogether and is more upbeat than the album version.  

There is actually a grammatical error in the way the song's title is written on both the snap-pack and the disc. The correct way should be "Your One Desire," not "You're One Desire."

1. Single Mix
2. Extended Soul Mix ["Disco Revival"]

Listen: Extended Soul Mix ["Disco Revival"]