Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jaki Graham: Touch Me (When We're Dancing) (UK CDM) (Essential, 1990)

Touch Me (When We're Dancing) is a non-album single by Jaki Graham released in 1990. It was released on a low-budget label and had little or no promotion at all, making it one of her hardest singles to find. The song itself is yet to be included on any of her "Best-of" compilations either. Also on this CD is an extended  dance version with a different intro and outro ("Scallywag Mix") and an even rarer b-side track Take A Number.

1.Touch Me (When We're Dancing) (Scallywag Mix)
2.Touch Me (When We're Dancing)
3.Take A Number

Listen: Touch Me (When We're Dancing)

Listen: Take A Number