Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jaki Graham: Hold On (Japanese Digipak Mini Album) (Cutting Edge, 1995)

 This mini LP was released exclusively in Japan via the Cutting Edge label in 1995, and contained eight new tracks and a hidden bonus remix of Graham's previous single Absolute E-Sensual. The set was also issued in Scandinavia via Scandinavian Records at around the same time, but had a markedly different track-listing (this particular release contained 13 tracks instead of 8.) Some missing tracks from the Japanese set can be found HERE, HERE and HERE. Some of Graham's Japanese-only albums were made available to her UK fans via iTunes in 2009, but this particular album was not.

1. Hold On
2. Don't Keep Me Waiting
3. Heaven
4. Style
5. Saving It Up
6. Seek & You Will Find
7. Birthday
8. Lay With Me
9. Absolute E-Sensual (Jak-D House Mix)*

Listen: Heaven

Listen: Birthday

*Unlisted on both jacket and disc