Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chanté Moore: Old School Lovin' (The Remixes) (Promo CDM) (MCA, 1994)

Old School Lovin' was the lead single from Moore's sophomore LP A Love Supreme and was released in 1994. Again, there were two versions of the song, the original album version and a Long Hot Summer Breeze version, which featured different production and an alternate vocal take. Fortunately, the latter version was issued on commercial 12"s and CD singles (along with the Short Hot Summer Breeze Version), but this rare promo CD features eight different edits, including an instrumental (with backing vocals), an acapella and even a more stripped down mix (KD Mix.)

1. Radio Edit
2. Short Hot Summer Breeze Version
3. Long Hot Summer Breeze Version
4. KD Mix
5. Acapella
6. Beatapella
7. Instrumental
8. Suite

Listen: Long Hot Summer Breeze Version