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Friday, January 14, 2022

Seven Universal Records: Maxi Player Set

More exclusive music from Dee Majek's Seven Universal label which again can be heard in its remixed form on Street Beats (Vol. 12.) The label itself were mostly known for their series of Beat Researcher mixtapes in the 90s and later for their work with U.S. artists such as Zakiya. Sadly the majority of it seemed to go unreleased but Dee did know quality when he saw it as demonstrated on tracks such as "One More Time" and "Lonely Nights" by Prime Directiv. He mainly spent his time promoting underground U.S. talent and later had success at MAPP Records. His main success to date seems to be for Derrick Dixon whose EP was released via UK label Stonegroove Recordings in 2000. The above two artists I know nothing about but Darnell seems to be a Bobby Brown-esque vocalist along the same lines as J'Son Thomas. "Little Bit Of Love" actually features replayed elements of New Edition's song of the same name while the other featured track here uses elements of The Commodores' 1977 song "Zoom". Hard to say whether it was clearance issues that stalled this project but this CD Maxi isn't very easy to find. 

For The Honeys (Single Version)    5:05
For The Honeys (Fly Honeys Mix)    5:22
For The Honeys (Club Mix)    4:44
A Little Bit Of Love (Single Version)    4:01
A Little Bit Of Love (Bonus Mix)    4:35

Raise featuring Veba: I Got It (CDM) (Sub Dub Records Ltd., 1996)

From 90s street soul to early 2000s contemporary R&B a la Mary J. Blige and Destiny’s Child, a fresh new contribution from Lewic with Raise, who were possibly a pseudonym for 90s Asian production outfit Simon & Diamond (Simon & Diamond Duggal.) Best known for their work with Apache Indian, they went on to create a genre of their own from the marriage of Asian and Jamaican music heard around London the in early 90s but originally started out with a street soul tune called “No More (Making Love)” by an artist called Aretha Daye in 1992. The lead vocalist here is Veba (aka Beverly Green) who was mostly known for her vocal work with Rae & Christian in the late 90s and early 2000s. 

I Got It (Original Radio) 4:01 
I Got It (Street Basic) 4:54 
I Got It (Mikkel S.E) 3:53 
I Got It (Volcano Radio Edit) 4:07 
I Got It (Subdub Extended Vocal) 8:04 
I Got It (Star City Orchestra Remix) 6:46 

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Rocx: Promo EP (200x)

This is another one that I cannot find a lick of information about. It was sold from a British seller but definitely sounds American and features West Coast rapper Pozition on track 2. At least one of the tracks came off an album or EP “Can I Hit It” and a further song can also be found on this compilation here. Possibly from Phoenix, Arizona as per the label Genre Records but not 100 % certain. 
Baby    4:30
Baby (Featuring Pozition)    5:10
Baby (Acappella)    4:08
Gave You My Best    4:18
Gave You My Best (Acappella)    4:15 


Laura Diamante: Styles Upon Styles (Too Savvy Entertainment, 2003)

Further Latina R&B and hip hop music from Miami, FL with Laura Diamante, an artist who was destined for big things but sadly never got the break she deserved. Discovered while performing with her former band Deadbeatz, she was one of the label Too Savvy’s first signees. Able to sing and rap, a handful of major labels were interested but it seemed they wanted to turn her into the next Angie Martinez when she aspired and had the potential to be the Latina Lauryn Hill. Instead she remained underground, delivering a set that is both hip hop and contemporary, as well as staying true to her Latin roots. The buzz single “Spanish Fly” also included a reply to Diddy’s 2002 song “I Need a Girl” that did not appear on the set.
Intro    4:35
My DJ ft. Vortex    4:19
Move Wit Me    4:05
Spanish Fly    5:01
High Times    4:50
Da Bounce ft. Gold    4:12
MCs    3:44
Interlude    2:51
Déja Vu    4:19
Live My Life    4:28

Miceala Marie: Love Letter (EP) (201x)

From the Northwest, a 3 track demo from Bremerton, WA native Micaela Marie (later MicaelaT). No date of recording but as per the music video to one track “Love Letter” on You Tube, from 2012 quite possibly. Taken from her mini album “Writings On The Wall” which may or may not have been released but is available to stream in its entirety on The two other tracks here. “Hate When I Think of You” and “Can’t Explain” seem to be exclusive to here though and are very much late 2000s R&B with electronic beats, synths and sweeping piano sounds.
Love Letter    3:06
Hate When I Think Of You    3:16
Can't Explain    4:33

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Chivalry: Won't Pay Your Bills (CDS) (Speakouthotline.com)

Found at a thrift shop in Florida, a reply to Destiny’s Child’s “Bills Bills Bills” and featuring former Nickelodeon actor Jean-Dominique in the lineup. It pretty much keeps the original melody as it was although the lyrics are pretty much from a male perspective. Possibly related to Speakouthotline.org, a public hotline where people can anonymously report threatening behavior although not 100% certain. 

Won't Pay Your Bills    2:56

Chazz1: I Care 4 U (Self-Titled, 2000)

Further great R&B/soul music from Ohio and an earlier self-released version of a 2001 album that is in the possession of quite a few collectors. I don’t believe he is Milwaukee artist Chazz Dixon and I don’t believe he was affiliated with the Mississippi act Vintage. He is very similar to this artist that we posted back at the beginning of the year with classic soul vocals laid over smooth 90s keyboard sounds. The album is essentially the same as his 2001 release but for one or two different tracks and some alternative titling.Very enjoyable!

Deeper    4:17
Your Night    3:39
I Care 4 U    5:09
Look At Me Now    5:05
I'll Be There 4 U    4:38
When Your Away    5:14
Feelings Gone    4:51
What Ever U Want    4:42
The System    4:05
Hold On    3:04
Always The One    4:39
Just A Feeling    5:08

Paula Latham: S/T (EP) (Jazzy Records, 1997)

Getting her start as the lead vocalist for a jazz band (Victor Floyd Jazz Band), Latham’s work was also lumped into the jazz category despite being influenced by Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston and other notable soul divas from the 80s and 90s. From Dayton, Ohio, this debut EP from her is straight up 90s R&B with infectious grooves and funky beats. Her cover of DeBarge’s “A Dream” later appeared on an EP released in 2001 but most – if not all – of these songs sound like they were recorded for the same project in the mid-to-late 90s. “You Give Good Love” in particular incorporates an uncredited sample from Sade’s 1992 song “Cherish The Day”. 
Funk Intro    1:14
Someone Like U    4:16
A Dream    4:44
You Give Good Love    4:44
Let's Talk About It    4:12

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Night & Day: Wait To Get Laid (Cassingle) (F.L.I.N.T Records, 1991)

Old radio station stock and a very early release from Night & Day who were mostly known for their 1995 single “Goin Thru a Thang” and 1999’s “Dante’s Girl” (on Jive Records.) It’s a fantastic love-making jam while the b-side features narration which was in part inspired by the Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas sexual harassment lawsuit (1991.) No clues as to if it came off an earlier project that that the duo, who came from Flint, MI, did but it is (as far as I can tell) yet to be been seen anywhere else and was distributed by Nine Records Inc., a label known for their association with acts such as Funkadelic and The Ohio Players in the late 80s/early 90s.
Wait To Get Laid    4:26
Wait To Get Laid (Narr.)    4:26 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Serious Business: #1 (Aset, 1991)

Old radio station stock and another unknown modern soul/boogie outfit similar to The Executives which I posted back in 2019. Both had one single on Discogs but any albums from either of them you would be hard-pressed to find. All releases from the above label in particular seem to fetch quite high prices due to the scarcity. The music from this group, a sextuplet, is primarily early 90s boogie/soul music with “Don’t Waste My Time” truly outdoing it with the quintessential late 80s bombastic synths and saxophone sounds.
Talkin' Serious Business    3:50
Get On Up (Enjoy Yourself)    4:15
Forever In My Heart    5:29
United    4:30
Please Be Mine    4:33
Savoring Our Love    4:09
Feel My Love    4:42
Don't Waste My Time    3:47
Girl Of My Dreams    4:32
Don't Drink And Drive    4:44

LaJa' Ti-Rosch: Actions Speak Louder Than Words (Cassingle) (Pearl Records, 1991)

Old radio station stock with Kansas City gospel/R&B quartet LaJa Ti-Rosch, whose debut album “Like” was one of the first indie things that my co-contributor Stuaaart ever brought back in 2014. This single from them was not featured on the album which was mostly gospel in an early 90s New Jack/traditional style. There’s no holding back either with lyrics such as “he told me he gonna take me out to dinner, instead he brought me a beef & bean burrito from Taco Bells and a cup of water!” A great early 90s indie track with the b-side track "Believe N Yourself" being one of the better tracks on their album. 
Actions Speak Louder Than Words    4:38
Believe N Yourself    4:52

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Fantastic R&B and G-Funk from Las Vegas, NV

Fantastic R&B and G-Funk from Mighty Plump Records, a small Las Vegas label that only seems to be known for one artist L.A. Down and his 1996 album “Promise II Funk” Containing many excerpts of songs by other artists that they had on their roster back then, not limited to female G-Funk MC Aqui (Alicia Taylor) and Jodeci-esque male artist Tate, not much else is known about them but Aqui released one single “Dance Let Your Body Flow” in 1996. Her tracks on the sampler were assumedly part of her album "Hands All Over Me" which may or may not have been released. 

Freak In Me    1:54 (Aqui)
Put Your Hands    2:18 (Aqui)
3 Strikes    1:55 (Aqui)
2 Night    1:34 (Aqui)
Fadin    2:08 (Aqui)
Nothins Changed    1:37 (Drayfist)
Hypnotic Funk    1:38 (M.P.C.)
Leavin Out My Life    1:52 (Machedi)
Funky Mic    1:43 (Machedi)
Hypnotic    1:42 (Machedi)
Groove    1:49 (Freddie Empire) (F.E. on vocals?)
My Heart    1:46 (F.E.)
Hey Girl    1:16 (F.E.)
247-365    2:34 (F.E.)
Love'll Be Waiting    1:41 (F.E.)
Hold Me    1:36 (F.E.)
Sweaty Love    1:26 (Tate)
Cash    1:32 (Tate)
Old Friends    1:48 (Tate)
Ghetto Booty    1:30 (Tate)
Hold On To Love    1:29 (Tate)
Be Watchin You    1:10 (Tate)
Don't Know Why    1:39 (Tate)
Bonus Track    1:46 (Tate)